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Family Photo Album:  Health … Meet Insurance.

My entire life I have been surrounded by world-renowned preventive health care professionals. My father left the YMCA to serve as the first employee and Executive Director of the Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas in 1971.  Me and my sisters took for granted the privilege of playing at this Center when we were young.  It is where we learned to crawl, walk, run, swim, and dribble a basketball.

Aerobic Center Staff – 1971

I came across this vintage photo in my dad’s attic. This piece of history reminded me how my old man dedicated his career to helping others through preventive medicine.  These pioneers were ahead of their time in proving it is smarter to invest moderately in prevention than to pay heavily for illness.

Burden shifting the cost of medical insurance to your employees and failing to alert employees to warning signs of disease is not good for business.  The federal insurance reforms have largely ignored the real issues around the prevalence and cost of chronic disease, but you don’t have to run your company like the government.  If your interested in learning how to leverage your investment in corporate insurance and health benefits to win, watch this video from Coach Jimmy Johnson.  Great businesses see health as an investment … average companies see medical insurance as a mandate or expense. Don’t be average, contact us today.

Steve Harris, CEBS has been a leader in the field of employee benefits, preventive health and insurance for over twenty years. His responsibilities as Development Officer for Holmes Murphy & Associates and ACAP Health include developing business strategy, overseeing client relationships, guiding service teams, and advising organizations on strategic business issues related to preventive health, benefits, and corporate insurance.  His clients are in the middle-market to Fortune 1000 client market segments, working with C-suite, Finance and and HR executives on innovative corporate insurance and benefit programs that lead to a healthier bottom line.