ColoradoCare Part 4: “Health Price Discrimination in Colorado”

Whether Colorado voters decide to socialize healthcare financing in the state (ColoradoCare AKA Amendment 69) or maintain the current hybrid of public and private financing, the issue of discrimination in healthcare — and what to do about it — remains. Price discrimination in healthcare is real, and it’s measurable. My questions deal with what level of price discrimination is acceptable, what level is unethical, what level might be illegal, and what role, if any, should the government play? So … [Read more...]

ColoradoCare Part 3: “Why it will Fail”

Combine the technology rollout of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) website, the customer service of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the healthcare wait times of the VA hospitals, and the actuarial wizardry of the ACA-created healthcare co-ops and you get a picture of what some believe would happen to healthcare in Colorado if ColoradoCare (Amendment 69) were to pass. Healthcare in Colorado is expensive, and the requested rate increases in the individual marketplace are about to get even more … [Read more...]

ColoradoCare Part 2: “Why it will Pass”

The winds of healthcare change are blowing in Colorado. The clouds are gathering, but will there actually be rain? The following factors could simultaneously converge to create an overhaul in how healthcare is funded in the state through the passage of Amendment 69, or ColoradoCare (to view what ColoradoCare is, check out my previous post: ColoradoCare Part 1: The Basics). Health Care Is a Right Proponents of universal healthcare argue that healthcare is a right and not a privilege or … [Read more...]