Given the timing of the year (close to the July 4th holiday) and focusing on title alone, welcome to my blog about the number of hot dogs I can eat in one sitting! Kidding, this is actually a blog about all the different ways to grill mayonnaise. Okay, again, maybe I type in jest as anyone who knows me knows I would sooner walk a tight rope over the Grand Canyon with no safety harness than eat said referenced condiment…let alone grill it! Actually, the thoughts I had around “appetite” focus more … [Read more...]

The Dreaded Healthcare Cost Question

“Why are our healthcare costs going through the roof?”  It’s the call you don’t want to receive, but if you’re involved in employee benefits, you probably have at some point. I’ve been there myself. It’s not hard to provide the facts — that’s the easy part. “We had a big spike in emergency room usage.” “Outpatient claims are up.” Or, like many employers, “Our plan just had several large claims come through.” While the first question isn’t fun, this dreaded follow-up question is much harder. “So … [Read more...]