Co-ops Commit to Communities

Anybody know what October is known for? A great month for football? Yep. The Major League Baseball playoffs? Also, yes. Halloween? And one more yes to that. As fun as it would be to talk about each of those items…October is also a big month for the agricultural community (and other industries, alike). Any guesses now? If your mind went to cooperatives (or co-ops), you are on the right track. October is National Cooperative Month. Why is this a big deal? Well, first…there are more than 40,000 … [Read more...]

Part 2: Healthcare Destabilization Day

Thursday, October 12, should now be known as “Healthcare Destabilization Day.” On the same day President Trump declared that Cost Sharing Subsidies (CSS) to insurance companies would no longer be funded, he also signed an Executive Order to expand the use of Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs). We all now know that healthcare is complicated, but this combination is one for the record books. Destabilization #1 — The CSS are a mathematical manipulation created in the original Affordable Care … [Read more...]

Part 1: Trump Tackles the ACA Alone!

After multiple congressional efforts to repeal/replace/modify the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have failed due to partisan and inter-party disagreements, President Trump issued an Executive Order and then announced an end to Cost Sharing Subsidies (CSS) to force change. The order, titled “Promoting Healthcare Choice and Competition Across the United States,” directs regulatory agencies to focus on three areas with the goal of facilitating the purchase of insurance across state lines and providing … [Read more...]

Registered Vs. Licensed Architects: A New Law Changes Terminology

When a law changes, it’s not uncommon for there to be questions. After all, we all want to obey the law, right? Well, an upcoming change in the architectural world, which will go into effect November 1, is raising some eyebrows and causing a lot of concern…more than normal. And, I get it. But, let me be the first to reassure you, it’s not as worrisome as it sounds. You see, the Iowa Architectural Examining Board recently updated its rules due to a new law, which changes terminology from … [Read more...]

What’s ‘Fair’ Anymore?

It’s State Fair time in Texas. That means corn dogs, car shows, and Texas vs. Oklahoma football. Although it may also include clowns and carnival rides, this blog is about actually about healthcare (and what’s “fair”) and not the State Fair. Politically-motivated news, AKA fake news, makes it virtually impossible to make meaningful legislative progress on major healthcare items like Medicaid. Here’s an example using the recent Graham-Cassidy Bill. Please understand, I’m not stating any opinion … [Read more...]

Relax…You’ll Take Care of a ‘IoT’!

Have you ever pulled into a hotel parking lot, eagerly checked in, gotten to your room only to find that it was either hot enough to make woodfired pizza or cold enough to maintain the Arctic? My guess is, at some point you have. While each hotel is different in their workings of the thermostat, not one is consistent. Obviously, the point of hospitality is to please and many hospitality groups and hotels, alike, do a wonderful job. But a lot of those groups and businesses could be turning to YOU … [Read more...]

Great Health is Not a Mystery…It’s a Puzzle

Malcolm Gladwell, the best-selling author, has written about the differences between a mystery and a puzzle.  Solving a mystery requires gathering clues that often are hard to come by and sometimes impossible to find.   Puzzles are totally different.  Think of a jigsaw puzzle.  Once you open the box and spill all the pieces on the table, you don’t need to find any clues…they are all right in front of you.  In order to solve the puzzle, you just need to figure out a way to put all of the … [Read more...]

Thinking Ahead…

It’s early October, and I’m Thinking Ahead. Those of you familiar with Holmes Murphy and our culture know that “Thinking Ahead” is one of our mantras and a core belief we work to practice every day. That said, my current forward thinking has to do with a rabbit. Not just any rabbit, mind you, but “Ra Ra,” the stuffed animal rabbit that’s quickly become an obsession for my 19-month-old daughter, Brooklyn. In just under one month, Brooklyn will experience her first full Halloween. While some of … [Read more...]

What Are You Going to Eat Next Week?

If you were to ask your friends or co-workers if they’re planning to eat healthy next week, what do you think they would say? If they’re like most people, they will say yes, they are indeed planning to eat healthy. If you asked those same friends and co-workers if they wanted a homemade chocolate chip cookie right now, what do you think they would say? If they’re like most people, they will say “Of course. Thank you very much.” Why do we have the best intentions to eat healthy or drink less … [Read more...]

Motorcycles, Red Lights, and What?

I live at the corner of a very busy intersection in downtown Des Moines. Motorcyclists sit at the red light just below my windows and rev their engine as they anticipate leaping into motion when the light turns green. It’s loud and frequent and many would find it downright obnoxious. I, on the other hand, barely notice it. It’s simply background noise in my personal piece of paradise. I’ve learned to tune out what I don’t want to hear. While this is a good thing at home, I sometimes worry it has … [Read more...]