Great Health is Not a Mystery…It’s a Puzzle

Malcolm Gladwell, the best-selling author, has written about the differences between a mystery and a puzzle.  Solving a mystery requires gathering clues that often are hard to come by and sometimes impossible to find.   Puzzles are totally different.  Think of a jigsaw puzzle.  Once you open the box and spill all the pieces on the table, you don’t need to find any clues…they are all right in front of you.  In order to solve the puzzle, you just need to figure out a way to put all of the … [Read more...]

The Best Food Picked from Trees – A Pizza Farm PSA from Nick Offerman

Those who have completed ACAP Health's (Accountable Care Accountable Patients) metabolic risk reduction program, Naturally Slim, have learned that food is fuel.  Hippocrates quote, "let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food", is as true as ever today.  His advice then foreshadows now the importance food plays in stemming the obesity epidemic that is leading to diabetes and other chronic conditions. That's what makes sharing this Funny or Die video clip by Nick Offerman a favorite of … [Read more...]


When it comes to the health of our country, Chicken Little was right…the sky IS falling! While healthcare and the Affordable Care Act dominate the headlines it seems that actual health gets very little attention. In June the American Diabetes Association released new statistics regarding the rate of diabetes in the United States. 12.3% of American adults (29.1 million) are now diabetic. More troubling is that 37% (86 million) are pre-diabetic…and nine out of 10 of those don’t know it. That means … [Read more...]