Don’t Get Caught off Guard by a ‘Caught on Camera’ Reputational Risk

Warren Buffet is often quoted for saying, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you will do things differently.” Think about that for a minute. It’s true. Have you ever seen a YouTube video of a restaurant employee performing a lewd act while on duty? It doesn’t make you want to eat there anytime soon, does it? Those videos are out there, and that scenario is more common than we’d all like to think. The exponential growth of smartphone … [Read more...]

DO Sweat the Small Stuff

At this time of year, many of us are thinking about 2017 budgets and strategic plans. How are we going to use our resources next year to drive improvements in our business? What are the big innovations that will create competitive differentiation and get our customers talking? Well, what if I told you not to think big? Instead, think small! We all tend to focus on big, press-worthy, visible innovations while we underestimate the value of small incremental improvements to our business. Small … [Read more...]

Focus…Stay with Me…Oh Look, a Squirrel!

”SQUIRREL!!” I love the distracted dog, Dug, in the Pixar movie, “Up.” If you haven’t seen the movie, Dug can’t hold a thought. Instead, anything that passes in front of him grabs his attention, including a squirrel. I can relate. Today’s world is filled with so many distracting bright and shiny new toys that it’s hard to stay focused on the important. And we technology folks are just like Dug. We like the new and shiny. We like to apply technology to any problem you bring to us. We can … [Read more...]

Can Contractual Liabilities Sink My Business?

If you’re a business owner, you’re well aware of the contractual obligations you’re inundated with. Those obligations tend to cause a lot of headaches and uncertainty, and they span from the agreements you have with your suppliers, lenders, leaseholders, and so on. You may also place contractual responsibilities on your vendors, dealers, service contractors, etc. There are a lot of i’s to dot and a lot of t’s to cross. But it’s critical for you to understand the various insurance provisions and … [Read more...]

Soft as a Baby’s Bottom

This is what comes to my mind when describing the market right now. Sorry — you’re probably not going to get that mental picture out of your head any time soon. But it’s a good way to remember the topic! Currently, we’re in a very soft market. The reason? Since there haven’t been any catastrophic losses (for example: major floods, hurricanes, or wildfires), there’s plenty of surplus in the marketplace. If you’ve never been through a soft market, you may be questioning your insurance carrier or … [Read more...]

ColoradoCare Part 4: “Health Price Discrimination in Colorado”

Whether Colorado voters decide to socialize healthcare financing in the state (ColoradoCare AKA Amendment 69) or maintain the current hybrid of public and private financing, the issue of discrimination in healthcare — and what to do about it — remains. Price discrimination in healthcare is real, and it’s measurable. My questions deal with what level of price discrimination is acceptable, what level is unethical, what level might be illegal, and what role, if any, should the government play? So … [Read more...]

Active shooter — Just like any other risk. Really?

Oh boy. Where am I going with this blog with a title like that? Well, in July, we hosted a seminar called “Aiming for Safety — Active Shooter” in West Des Moines. About 60 people attended the event, which was presented by Scott Smith, MPA, CSP, a Loss Control Representative with Iowa Municipalities Workers Compensation Association. We promoted the event to state and local media outlets because we truly wanted to get the word out on this very important (albeit scary) topic. A few attended and … [Read more...]

ColoradoCare Part 3: “Why it will Fail”

Combine the technology rollout of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) website, the customer service of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the healthcare wait times of the VA hospitals, and the actuarial wizardry of the ACA-created healthcare co-ops and you get a picture of what some believe would happen to healthcare in Colorado if ColoradoCare (Amendment 69) were to pass. Healthcare in Colorado is expensive, and the requested rate increases in the individual marketplace are about to get even more … [Read more...]

Chicken Little Was Right!

When it comes to the health of our country, Chicken Little was right…the sky IS falling! While healthcare and the Affordable Care Act have dominated the headlines over the last few years…and continue to do so…it seems that actual health gets very little attention. In June 2014, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) released statistics regarding the rate of diabetes in the United States. These same statistics can be found on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) website as an … [Read more...]

ColoradoCare Part 2: “Why it will Pass”

The winds of healthcare change are blowing in Colorado. The clouds are gathering, but will there actually be rain? The following factors could simultaneously converge to create an overhaul in how healthcare is funded in the state through the passage of Amendment 69, or ColoradoCare (to view what ColoradoCare is, check out my previous post: ColoradoCare Part 1: The Basics). Health Care Is a Right Proponents of universal healthcare argue that healthcare is a right and not a privilege or … [Read more...]