How to Avoid Making Your Job Site an Easy Target for Thieves

One billion dollars…that’s what the U.S. National Insurance Crime Bureau estimates is stolen in construction equipment each year. Why? Unattended construction sites are easy targets for thieves, especially those sites lacking adequate security measures. Think about it. How often do you drive by a site at night and see no one there, but lots of equipment out in the open? Thieves tend to see construction sites as a “go-to” spot when compared with more conventional robbery targets. After all, most … [Read more...]

Cheers and Thank You!

Believe it or not, Holmes Murphy is celebrating 85 years of serving our clients this year. I know, I know…we aren’t your typical 85-year-old…we try our best not to act our age. However, one thing remains constant throughout all our years and future aspirations…we remain true to our privately-held roots, doing what we know best, and helping our clients celebrate their successes along the way. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your birthdays, anniversaries, and all … [Read more...]

What’s Your Big Idea?

Have you ever had a big idea? How did it come about? I have a theory that big ideas come over time, experience, knowledge, and the assistance of other brain power. Prior to coming to work with Holmes Murphy Fraternal Practice last November, I spent 15 years working for Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and, in this blog, I’d like to share my big idea that I bring to the table in hopes our fraternal clients will benefit. If you’ve ever been to a train station in Europe and looked down or listened to the … [Read more...]

Are You Being Targeted?

You’ve likely heard the term. You’ve maybe even seen news reports warning about it. Even more worrisome…it’s possible you’ve been a target already. What am I talking about? Social engineering fraud. And yes, if you’re in the agricultural field, you’re greatly impacted. More on that in a moment, but first, if you aren’t quite sure what social engineering fraud is, I’ve defined it for you. It’s a scam used to intentionally mislead and manipulate someone into sharing confidential information or … [Read more...]

Bail Out or Bailout?

“Bail out” means to jump from an airplane. Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot about it…especially when it comes to health insurance. Does it really mean that Congress intends to throw insurance companies out of an airplane? They might want to, but the current use of the term I’m focusing on is health insurance “bailout,” and it has nothing to do with air travel. The Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare) created two subsidies for low income people purchasing individual health insurance … [Read more...]

What Do Unclear Expectations Get You?

I’m not certain where I heard this quote, but it has always stayed with me — “The source of the world’s frustration is unclear expectations.”  In business, life, or leisure, I find these words to be true. In fact, it doesn’t matter which side of the table you sit on…whether you’re the one delivering or receiving…unclear expectations are the ultimate creator of frustration. Imagine, if you will, you’re headed to your favorite restaurant. This restaurant always delivers great food and great … [Read more...]

Traveling Internationally for Work? Two Words: ‘Be Cautious’

If you travel for business or have employees who frequently travel, you know flying outside the U.S. provides opportunities to engage with other cultures and meet clients face to face. However, it’s no secret the ever-changing political climate can make things tricky. Now, I realize it’s unrealistic to predict every dangerous situation abroad, but simply being aware of and using preventive measures to detect risk can ensure you’re sending your employees off with applicable tools in hand. How can … [Read more...]

Beyond Reason…Or Is It?

No matter how “unreasonable” some accommodation requests may seem, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires you to consider them as reasonable accommodations. I recently read an article titled: “Dear Littler: Do I Really Have to Let an Employee Bring an “Emotional Support Pig” to Work?”. The workplace has changed significantly, especially in the last couple of decades. Even with the new administration’s apparent employer-friendly posturing, there are … [Read more...]

Summer Vacation + An Empty House = Paradise for Thieves

Are you trying to fit in one last vacation before summer ends and the kids are back in school? You’re not alone! This is a prime time for families to pack their bags and head out for fun, sun, and relaxation. But it’s also a great time for criminals to…how do they say it…“Strike while the iron is hot”! There’s nothing that will ruin the rejuvenation of vacation like coming back to a home that was a hot spot for criminals or a home in disarray. Fortunately, there are some easy measures you can … [Read more...]

Good News: Employers Don’t Need 51 Votes to Manage Their Health Plans!

I think we’ve all been watching the news unfold lately…and if you haven’t been, you no doubt have heard about the “little” thing going on with healthcare. You know…the one that involves the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare, as some affectionately call it)…and impacts nearly everyone. If not, let me get you up to speed. The GOP (Republican party) controls the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. First order of business was to replace the ACA. However, they needed 60 votes in the Senate to … [Read more...]